Installing a Teambox Client

The Teambox Manager is native to Windows but runs well in Linux with WINE version 1.8 or later.


Installing the Teambox Client on Windows should be as easy as running the Teambox Installer. The minimum version of the .NET Framework that is required is .NET 2.0, which as of now is available on all recent versions of Windows.

Installing Wine 1.8

As of July 2016, the distribution packages for Wine in Ubuntu and Debian are too old to run the Teambox Manager. You need to install Wine 1.8 packages on your system for the manager to run.

WineHQ maintains packages for 5 popular Linux distribution. Follow the instructions on WineHQ Downloads Page. Once you are done with the instructions, make sure that running wine -version returns a version later than 1.8 as in this example

% wine --version                                                           

Installing the Teambox Manager

The Teambox Manager currently doesn’t work in 64 bit WINE prefixes, so you need to make WINE create a 32 bit install. You need to run this before installing the .NET Framework.

You might also have to set a different $WINEPREFIX. The default location for WINE files is in $HOME/.wine. If you run a 64 bits system and previously have installed Windows applications with WINE, there is a good chance that the files in $HOME/.wine are initialized with 64 bits libraries. You then need to setup a new $WINEPREFIX to install the Teambox Manager.

In the terminal window you will use to install the Teambox Manager, type the following to make sure WINE initializes a 32 bit $WINEPREFIX.

% export WINEARCH=win32

If you have installed Windows applications with WINE before, and don’t want to erase $HOME/.wine, you also need to set a different $WINEPREFIX before the installation.

% export WINEPREFIX=$HOME/Some/Other/Path

Download a recent version of the Winetricks script first, as suggested on the following page:

Then with the script in your $PATH, execute the .NET Framework 2.0 SP2 install through the winetricks script.

% winetricks dotnet20sp2 

The installation should complete without an itch. You can then move onto installing the Teambox Manager.

% wine "Teambox Manager 1.0.74.exe"
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