Installing a Teambox Server

The Teambox Server install script assumes the target system is Debian Wheezy. Later versions of Debian are currently not supported by the installer. We will be working to fix this at some point. In the meantime, we welcome your patches on GitHub

The server must be able to send emails and thus a sendmail compatible mail transfer agent needs to be installed in order for the server to operate properly. Postfix is the MTA that we recommend but any properly configured MTA should work. An SMTP relay MTA like ESMTP has also been successfully used in the past during Teambox development.

The installer script will leave you with a fully functional Teambox Server.

% chmod +x ./
% sudo ./

For more details on the installation process, consult the GitHub page of the installer script. You will see there that CentOS 6 is also supported as a target distribution by the installer.


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